What there is to know about me and the reasons for this blog:

schnarch3“So, what are you studying?”
“Cognitive Science.” … err … “It’s kind of neuropsychology combined with linguistics and philosophy. Like perception, learning and memory, decision making, ageing ‘n stuff.
“Sounds interesting!”

“Yeah. It SOUNDS interesting.”

That was our little inside joke. Six people, from all over the world, with backgrounds in psychology, philosophy, social-…something and linguistics, enrolled in the MSc in Cognition in Science and Society at the University of Edinburgh (yours truly is the one to the far right, snoozing). The title of the master’s degree was always a bit of a mouthful. Usually, I’ve lost people at Cognition in- and after a while, I’ve just shortened it to Cognitive Science. Of course, I still lost people, but it saved me some speaking time.

We always got the same response after explaining what the degree was all about. Cool, fascinating, sounds interesting… and don’t get me wrong, it WAS interesting. Especially in my neuropsychology courses, I’ve learned loads about our healthy and damaged brain. But we had some truly boring classes on PR, financing and policy making which left us with the question; how the bleep was that connected to our degree? Did anyone know? Did anyone care? It’s probably important to mention that the degree was still pretty young at that time and we were only the second year graduating. There was a general feeling of confusion when it came to us, since no one really knew where we belonged, what prospects we had and what they should and shouldn’t teach us as future cognitive scientists. All they knew was cognitive science is trendy, it’s an interdisciplinary field and the future!
So yeah, it sounds interesting. But now what?

Which brings me to the reason why I have decided to start a blog. That future has not really happened yet… at least not for me. What do you do to fill your spare time? Spam the interent with your ideas, thoughts and feeling of selfimportance. Whatever good it will do. Whoever will read these blogs (hi, Mom). Enjoy!